martedì 24 gennaio 2012


Sul sito web di Andrea Rossi è già possibile prenotarsi per l'acquisto della centrale a Fusione Fredda da 1 Megawatt. E' inoltre annunciato l'inizio delle vendite dell'Ecat da 10 Kw (uso domestico) a fine 2012- inizio 2013. I prezzi sono adeguati anche per imprese medio-piccole per la centrale da un Megawatt: un milione e mezzo di dollari, invece per quelli domestici si parla di 500 euro o poco più.

Dal sito now accepts sign-ups for pre-orders for the following products:
ECAT 1 MW units, current price $1,5M (For sale now, 4 months delivery)
ECAT 10kW Home units (Will be available in 2012/2013, waiting list available now)
The fuel cost will be negligible. Check out the ECAT energy cost calculator to determine the costs and savings of a customized ECAT solution for your home or business.
Technical specification of the ECAT 1 MW unit can be found in the menu on the left. The design and functionality is in rapid evolution at the moment which means that there will be regularly updates in the specifications of the products. As a registered customer you will be kept up to date with the latest technical advances as they happen.
The sign-up is not binding and no payment will be necessary until a final order is agreed upon. Pre-order sign-up customers will be prioritized when the first generation of products is rolled out.

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